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SyQic The Pioneer of Video Entertainment


Cool2vu is a video streaming website, owned and operated by SyQic, that offers on-demand Korean themed entertainment TV shows, movies, music videos, news and competitions. 


Since its launch in Southeast Asia in January 2015, software development undertaken by SyQic on the Cool2vu platform has allowed the Company to increase its addressable market by enabling access by users of Android and iOS internet enabled mobile and tablet devices.


By March 2015, SyQic had been able to rapidly expand the service to make the Cool2vu website available to users in Europe, South America, Central America and India. The mobile compatible service has been expertly subtitled and is available in the local language of each country. The website now has an addressable customer base of 3.13 billion people across four geographic regions.


About SyQic

SyQic is a fast growing mobile entertainment service provider across internet enabled consumer devices. Incorporated in Jersey and headquartered in the UK, it has a rapidly expanding service footprint in Asia as well as throughout Europe, South America, Central America and India.


SyQic is a pioneer of video streaming technologies with the Group’s in-house R&D ensuring the SyQic offering remains at the cutting edge of developments in mobile technology.


The Group operates a number of very successful subscription based mobile pay tv services through strategic partnerships with Tier 1 telcos throughout the Southeast Asia region.


More recently, the Group launched its global Korean themed entertainment platform called "Cool2vu." The mobile compatible service (www.cool2vu.com) is available in seven different languages and has an addressable customer base of 3.13 billion people across four geographic regions. It is currently advertising supported until a subscription service is introduced later in 2015 and provides Cool2vu customers with access to an enhanced library of high quality drama and Korean entertainment content.

01 / FAST

Yoomob is a telco-oriented solution developed to answer the need for a video streaming service capable of playing videos at the most optimal level of data delivery without losing video quality. 


 Initially an app-based solution, Yoomob has evolved to include a responsive web solution catering to smart phone devices.  


Yoomob provides an affordable entertainment solution for people who want to consume videos on their devices without the worry of paying huge data fees on their data subscription. Yoomob is available on a wide spectrum of mobile devices.