SyQic plc (AIM:SYQ), a fast growing OTT provider of paid mobile video content across mobile and internet enabled consumer devices, is pleased to announce that it launched its new YooMob Plus enhanced telco platform service in Malaysia with Maxis Telecommunications.

With this new enhanced telco oriented platform, SyQic has the ability to reach a much broader range of handsets, including new generation smart phones and operating systems, with enhanced features such as HD video streaming, content sharing capabilities. These features improve the viewing experience and increase customer engagement and consequently the directors of SyQic anticipate that this will result in more content purchases.

The YooMob Plus platform has an intelligent database using analytics to gather consumer usage data. This opens up the possibility of using data mining in order to develop new revenue streams.

The YooMob Plus platform’s intelligent interfacing allows for rapid deployment of new sites. Average deployment time will be reduced from three months to around one month. SyQic is currently carrying out a process to upgrade all of its existing telco sites to the new YooMob Plus platform over the coming months and, going forward, all new telco sites will be launched with the YooMob Plus platform.

For further information:

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Steve Elliff, Chief Financial

Allenby Capital Limited

Alex Price / Jeremy PorterTel: +44 (0) 20 3328 5656

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Notes to Editors:

SyQic is a fast growing OTT (Over The Top) provider of live TV and on-demand paid video content across mobile internet-enabled consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones and tablets through its “Yoonic” platform. Yoonic utilises efficient mobile video streaming as its core offering and allows for close to high definition streaming, utilising adaptive bit-rate streaming technology that matches the available bandwidth through the Group’s proprietary encoding methodology, and can stream as low as 80kbps.

The Group has access to over 40,000 hours of online video-on-demand content as well as over 200 live television feeds comprising English and International video content as well as content for a number of ‘home markets.’ The content is delivered through SyQic’s platforms via a number of channels in the movies, drama, music, sports, news, lifestyle and general entertainment genres.

The Group, which is incorporated in Jersey and headquartered in the UK, already has a significant service footprint in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Group has recently launched an international OTT service for the Bangladeshi community in the UK and Malaysia, with Singapore and the Middle East to follow. The Filipino and other migrant content launches are planned in the near term for the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

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